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The rise of patriotic journalism in Zimbabwe and its possible implications



The article sees the rise of ‘patriotic journalism’ in recent Zimbabwe as representing something qualitatively different from any other forms of patriotism or journalism. The ‘patriotic journalism’ practiced by Jonathan Moyo’s ministry from 2000-5, was narrowly defined and destructive. At a time when Socialism had been abandoned, education and welfare undermined, patriotic journalism emerged as the Zimbabwean government’s last resort. The article unequivocally states that Zimbabweans ought not to be asked to tolerate destructive journalism in their country today because the Rhodesians used to do much the same or because the Western press is prejudiced. Zimbabweans must aspire for a better and more responsible journalism.

Keywords: Zimbabwe, nationalism, political journalism, journalism history, mass media, patriotic journalism

How to Cite: Ranger, T. (2017) “The rise of patriotic journalism in Zimbabwe and its possible implications”, Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture. 2(0). doi: