In this issue of Westminster Papers in Communications and Culture (WPCC), we have an extended interview by Tarik Sabry with our colleague Paddy Scannell, who recently moved to Michigan after thirty nine years at the University of Westminster. Together they trace Paddy’s intellectual formation as a social historian, a radio man, and a phenomenologist. In the interview Paddy speaks eloquently and freely about a range of topics including the beginnings of his career as a lecturer in media studies, (and indeed about the beginnings of the discipline), Stuart Hall, the journal Media, Culture and Society, religion, Heidegger, imperialism, forgiveness, and even some moments from his childhood. For readers who are not very familiar with Paddy’s work, the interview provides a good insight into his major scholarly contributions to the field, including Media and Communication, a book he published very recently. We are sure this will be of interest to our readers but for us it is also intended as a tribute to a much respected and loved colleague who has not only been a major force in the development of Media studies in general but has also influenced us as individual scholars.


How to Cite: Sabry, T. (2017) “Editorial”, Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture. 4(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.16997/wpcc.78