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Burcu Sümer ,

University Of Westminster
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Aybige Yilmaz

Kingston University
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There are two concerns that lie at the heart of this issue: ‘What is Europe?’ and ‘What is Europeaness?’ These are also the questions the bourgeoning literature on Europe and Europeanization has been trying to tackle with an enthusiasm that has increased particularly in the past decade. When addressing these not-so-novel questions, one more time as the editors of this issue, we were well aware of the futility of seeking any absolute answers that can be applied to all contexts -even though, without doubt, it would have been a wonderful relief to have them. Instead, our call for different narrations sought to explore how the meaning of Europe is, and has always been, shaped by different contextual concerns. Rather than searching for a definition of Europeanness, we wanted to pursue how its different definitions were being mobilised by different narrators, according to their varying needs, and what power relationships these different narrations could reveal to us.
How to Cite: Sümer, B. and Yilmaz, A., 2006. Editorial. Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture, 3(3), pp.1–5. DOI:
Published on 01 Aug 2006.


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