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A Propaganda Model for Hollywood

Author: Matthew Alford (University of Bath)

  • A Propaganda Model for Hollywood

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    A Propaganda Model for Hollywood



This article proposes a Hollywood Propaganda Model, based on Herman and Chomsky’s original theory for news media, to explain the ideological output of mainstream Hollywood. The five filters are: concentrated ownership; the importance of merchandising; dependence on establishment sources; the disproportionate ability of the powerful to create flak; and a dominant ideology of ‘us’ versus the ‘Other’. The article acknowledges the limits of such a model but makes the case that the filters are important overarching concerns in determining the ‘bounds of the expressible’ and that countervailing forces such as the supposed left-wing beliefs of grassroots Hollywood are of limited significance.

Keywords: Propaganda Model, power, Hollywood, foreign policy, Chomsky, USA

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Alford, M., (2017) “A Propaganda Model for Hollywood”, Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 6(2), 144-156. doi:

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Published on
13 Jun 2017
Peer Reviewed